DBT Skills Groups FAQs:

How will I know if the group is right for me?

You start by either:

  • Calling our First Appointments extension (x126) or…
  • Completing our prospective New Patient Inquiry Form on our website.

Once our Triage Directors/Assistants have spoken to you & agreed that this is potentially a good resource for you, you will be scheduled for a Screening appointment with the group leader.

The screening appointment will help you assess this question in more detail & confirm whether or not the group is indeed recommended for you, at this time, & with this current group member mix. The group leader will answer your questions and provide you with more specific information about the group structure, duration, parameters, & likely start date. The group leader does not take phone calls in place of the screening appointment.

Are there any parameters I should know about up front?

The most important is that you must already be engaged in an established, stable Individual Therapy, whether within PCA or elsewhere, & you agree to remain in Individual Therapy throughout the duration of your participation in the DBT Skills Group.

How often does the group meet?

One evening per week.

How long am I committing to being in the group for?

The group is organized around 6 Skill Modules and new patients can enter at the start of Mindfulness, which is a repeating module.

  • Mindfulness
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness & Assertiveness

Altogether, the series takes 6 months or more to complete.

Do the groups get full, and is there a waitlist?

Since new members can enter at any of the Mindfulness modules, we rarely consider the group “full”.  We do maintain a wait list, and wait times vary.

Do I have a choice as to which group or location I want to go to?

Certainly; you may have an option to choose between some groups based on your age, needs, logistics, & the potential wait time to start in different groups. This will be discussed with you on Triage, & perhaps again in the screening appointment.

Is this all covered by insurance?

Yes, the screening appointment and group sessions are covered services.  Our staff will determine whether your particular insurance is accepted, & if a screening appointment is made, we will check your insurance benefits & obtain any needed authorization for you.  We accept most health insurance plans or you can self-pay.  We do not accept health plans which use the Mass Health provider panel, Fallon or Tricare.