Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Based Group
For the Treatment of Anxiety

For Adults Who:

  • Struggle with anxiety and/or self-criticism
  • Are interested in learning more about mindfulness, self-compassion and how the brain works.

Each Session will include psychoeducation on anxiety and its treatment, a writing exercise that allows participants to apply concepts to their own struggles, and finally a guided mindfulness meditation.

How to Enroll:
Referrals can be made by your individual provider at this practice or by
Calling (781) 646-0500 x126

Step 1: Individual Screening Appointment with Dr. Tassiopoulous
Step 2: 6 weekly Group Meetings

Location of Group:   
Framingham Office
125 Newbury Street, Suite 200

Day and Time:            
Thursdays at 11am

Elizabeth Tassiopoulos, PsyD

Start Date:                     
Will depend on interest but the goal is to begin as soon as enough participants are registered.

Health Insurance accepted.