A consultation helps you identify whether a problem exists and needs further attention. Consultations offer guidance and education, whether expanding into ongoing care or not. Frequently sought consultations include: ADD/ADHD; re-evaluation of psychiatric medication, parenting concerns/questions, addictions, sleep disturbance, school risk assessment.

Psychotherapy & Specialty Services

Your care always begins with a thoughtful evaluation and goal setting, starting with your first phone call and continuing into your first appointment. Whether your therapy is individual, couples, family or group, includes CBT, DBT, Dynamic or Interpersonal approaches; is extended, brief or intermittent… we focus on helping you improve your coping and resilience.


Medication can provide you with needed relief for many difficult problems. Our Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners work with all ages in collaboration with your other healthcare professionals.

Neuropsychological & Educational Testing

When you face complex problems with cognitive functioning due to aging, illness or injury, testing can provide you with diagnostic clarity and help guide your decision-making.

When your grade school or college-aged child is struggling and not living up to potential, testing can illuminate the nature of your child’s challenges and offer practical recommendations.

Classes & Groups

Social Skills Groups for Boys & Girls
Teen Talk, Navigating the Social World for Boys & Girls 11-14

CBT Therapy Group for Problems Sleeping
Mindfulness Group for Adults in our Framingham Office
CBT/Stress Reduction group for Teens in our Woburn Office

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